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Information Security

Information Security

Endpoint & Email Protection

Endpoint Protection goes beyond antivirus to include firewall, IPS and advanced protection technologies in a single high-powered agent. Backed by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network, it blocks rapidly mutating malware and zero-day threats without impacting performance. Granular policy settings include system lockdown, application and device control for added security


Smarter Management
Single management across physical and virtual

Managing endpoint protection should be easy, provides multiple layers of protection through a single high-powered client and management console across both physical and virtual machines. We make it easy to deploy, update and manage your endpoint security across various locations, user groups, and operating systems.


  • One solution protects Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines and embedded systems
  • Optimized for performance across physical, virtual and embedded machines
  • Single console provides a one stop shop for reporting, alerts, configuration and management
  • Enabled for remote deployment and client management


Get Dependable Service From The Cloud
  • Leverage the world’s largest cloud email security provider with more than a decade of cloud email security experience.
Ensure Your Critical Email Data Is Secured
  • Data Protection analyzes the email body, subject, and headers, as well as text within document attachments, to identify and prevent loss of confidential data
  • Policy Based Encryption seamlessly encrypts email to protect confidential communications
  • Image Control scans emails and attachments to identify and block inappropriate images from entering or leaving the organization
Protect Your Email From Advanced Threats
  • Leverage one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks and Skeptic scanning technology to effectively block unwanted email
  • Block spear-phishing and targeted attack malicious URLs with Real Time Link Following
  • Fully integrates with new Advanced Threat Protection: Email to uncover complex advanced attacks

Data Loss Prevention

Discover Where Sensitive Data Is Stored Across Your Infrastructure

  • Described Content Matching looks for matches on regular expressions or patterns, e.g., “block if we see a credit card pattern”
  • Exact Data Matching identifies sensitive data directly in your database, e.g., “block exfiltration of any customer name and their associated bank account number”
  • Indexed Document Matching applies a “full file fingerprint” to identify confidential information in unstructured data including Microsoft Office documents; PDF files; as well as binary files such as JPEGs, CAD designs, and multimedia files
  • Vector Machine Learning automatically learns and identifies the layout of sensitive document types such as financial documents, source code, etc.
  • File Type Detection recognizes more than 330 different file types including email, graphics and encapsulated formats, and can also recognize virtually any custom file type
Monitor and Protect Sensitive Data On Mobile Devices, On-Premise, and In the Cloud
  • Keep data safe on Windows and Mac endpoints by performing local scanning and real-time monitoring
  • Monitor confidential data that is being downloaded, copied or transmitted to or from laptops and desktops, including through email or cloud storage
  • Extend data loss prevention monitoring and protection to iOS and Android devices, whether corporate-owned or user-owned
  • Find and protect confidential unstructured data by scanning network file shares, databases, and other enterprise data repositories
  • Monitor and protect data in motion, including sensitive data sent via email, web and a wide range of network protocols

Security Audit Compliance Test

Operating Systems and Applications

A verification that an operating system and/or applications are configured appropriately to the companies needs and lockdown requirements, thus providing adequate and robust controls to ensure that the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the system will not be affected in its normal day to day operation.

Systems in development

A verification that the intended system under development meets the configuration and lockdown standards requested by the customer.

Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture

A verification that the in-place IT management infrastructure encompassing all aspects of system support has been put in place. This is to ensure effective change control, audit, business continuity and security procedures etc. have been formulated, documented and put in place.