Audio Visual System

Hedges IT LLC specializes in AV solutions and with a dedicated team of specialized subject matter experts and technicians to handle complex and large projects in the areas of Professional Audio System, Digital Signage & Video Wall System, Control System, Smart Meeting Room, Smart Classroom, Home Theatre / Private Cinema system, Home Automation System.

Digital Signage & Commercial Displays
Audio / Video Intercom
Public Address System
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Video Walls
Interactive & Touch Displays
Digital Signage & Commercial Displays

Explore our wide selection of digital signage and commercial displays. From outdoor signage and video walls to micro LED, interactive and standalone displays—ranging from Full HD to 8K UHD resolution—we offer digital display screens and solutions for virtually any business need.

Audio / Video Intercom

An audio and video intercom system can help secure your family by allowing you to visually confirm, and audibly speak to visitors to your home or business, without risking forced entry by unlocking / opening the front door.

Intercom secures homes and buildings with the utmost of technological mastery and exceptional elegance—

  • Commercial and residential security systems featuring anti-burglary, card access, IP intercoms and closed circuit TV, providing secure video door IP intercom functions.
  • Building entry security systems with IP intercom, video and access control.
  • Video door entry phones and systems, remote video IP intercom camera systems, and video interphones
  • Security monitoring systems, door cameras and monitors, security surveillance systems, video gate door access systems, entry video card IP access control systems, video-enabled door phones
  • Home and office security protection systems, video surveillance systems, entry access control, home and commercial telephone IP intercom systems, gated community IP access control, voice and swipe cards
  • Home and commercial video IP intercom entry systems, video door answering systems, video door telephone for front door screening.
Public Address System

A public address system is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. It increases the apparent volume of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music.

  • Public Address system is designed to offer clear reproduction of sound and intelligibility of speech even in high noise areas.
  • Public Addressing system uses high-reliability amplifiers with built-in overload protection circuitry, short circuit protection, open-circuit protection, and thermal protection.
  • The system can transmit alarm tone and routine voice messages, from a central location to all or selected areas of the facility, in a reliable and safe manner, by the use of loudspeakers.
  • The entire operational area/facility can be divided into one or more zones, which can be accessed independently either for announcements or for alarm broadcasting. The loudspeakers are installed in these zones.
  • There are no limitations to a number of zones in the system or number of loudspeakers in each zone. Each loudspeaker is connected to the central equipment for amplification and other control functions.
  • Depending on the surrounding environment, either flameproof loudspeakers (for hazardous atmospheres) or weatherproof loudspeakers (for safe & non-hazardous atmospheres) or indoor loudspeakers (for indoor areas) are installed in each zone. The loudspeakers are available in different wattage, sizes, types, and constructions.
  • Multiple control desks can be installed in the same system, for paging access (with priority) from more locations.