Intelligent Building & Automation Solutions.

With over a decade of experience, HEDGES in alliance with global technology partners helps our clients to achieve minimum energy input, automated control, monitoring, and operation.

Our product & services portfolio ranges from simple standalone motion sensors to complex Lighting control, and GRMS installations with multiple system configurations & integrations which includes heating, cooling, and lighting.

With automated building operations, operations cost decrease as systems regulate the operation of building features like HVAC and lighting. Automation also decreases total energy consumption, creating an environmental win that can help a building become green-certified. Buildings can save up to 30% on energy costs by implementing automation.

Our Partners (ABB, BEG, INETREL)

Products & Services

  • Motion sensors / motion detectors
  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Guest Room Management System
  • Home Automation

Main benefits

  • Increases energy efficiency by constant lighting and presence dependent control
  • Maximum flexibility in lighting design, improved comfort, and well-being with light scenes and sequences
  • More flexibility through reprogramming or adding devices while in operation to meet changing needs.

Get a Smart and Innovative Lighting Control System in Dubai

Are you looking for a smart and innovative lighting control solution that gives you outstanding results with minimum energy consumption and monitoring? Hedges Information Technology is your partner for a reliable, energy-efficient, and advanced lighting control system in Dubai. With our state-of-the-art technology and years of experience in the industry, we provide you with all types of automated lighting control systems.

Why choose us for the lighting control system in Dubai?

Hedges Information Technology is a leading company in the market committed to providing technical excellence, product innovation, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We have worked with many international and reputed building projects and hotels providing them with the latest lighting control systems in Dubai to fit their needs. From simple independent motion sensor systems to complex lighting, we have it all covered.

  • The customized lighting control system in Dubai to fulfill your precise requirements
  • Hassle-free automated control, operations, and monitoring
  • Up to 30% energy cost savings through lighting automation
  • Presence-dependent control and constant lighting deliver enhanced energy efficiency
  • Light sequences and scenes provide enhanced comfort, convenience, and well-being
  • Enhance flexibility through devices addition of reprogramming to meet your specific needs

We have partnered with some of the well-known companies to bring you the best lighting control system in Dubai at the price you can afford. Some of these include:

  • ABB
  • BEG

Products and Services We Offer

At Hedges Information Technology, we understand that you do not just need high-quality products but premium services. Our team of trained and experienced professionals ensures that you get matchless quality services to install your lighting control system in Dubai, efficiently and smoothly. Our range of products and services include the following:

  • Hi-tech lighting control systems
  • Home automation
  • Motion sensors/motion detectors
  • Guest room management system

Get in touch with us now to install the best lighting control system in Dubai!