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Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option is a user centric backup solution that provides flexible implementation and centralized administration for backup and recovery of Windows and Mac desktops and laptops in the organization. This highly scalable solution with distributable components is suitable for environments of any scale, be it single-site, multi-site, or having remote offices, allowing you to protect even the most recent files with your users.

  • Centrally manage backup and recovery tasks for multiple endpoints across your entire organization.
  • Protect endpoints automatically regardless of the connected network without any user intervention.
  • Backup instantaneously with RPO of seconds including support for work-in-progress documents.
  • Customize backup configurations for a fail-safe plan against ransomware threats.
  • Empower end users to browse and restore the backed up files without any support assistance.

Veritas SaaS Backup

Veritas SaaS Backup is powerful, but not complex. You are in control of everything you back up, right down to the file or email.

Office 365 built-in retention policies can only protect you from data loss in a limited way and are not intended to be a complete backup solution.

SaaS Backup protects and recovers your entire Office 365 from your emails, calendars, and contacts to tasks, OneDrive files, SharePoint and Sites and keeps it for as long as you need to–all with a couple of clicks.

Veritas Backup Exec
The Backup Solution Without Barriers.

Backup Exec gives you fast, simple, complete, cost-effective protection and recovery for your data, wherever it lives.

Accelerator for VMware and Hyper-V
Instant Cloud Recovery
Ransomware Resiliency
Veritas SaaS Backup Reporting Integration
Enhanced Deduplication
Automated Entitlement Upgrades
New platform support – Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.7/8/8.1, Windows Server 2019 H2, Windows 10 H2, Oracle Linux 8/8.1, CentOS 6.10/7.7 (x64), SLES 12 SP4 & 15 SP1, Debian 10.0 (x64), Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.5