Hedges Information Technology

Wallix Bastion

Wallix Privileged Access Management Solution (PAM) – keeps your organization safe from accidental or deliberate misuse of privileged access. This is particularly relevant if your organization is big or growing. All-in-one PAM solution including session management, password management, access management and privilege elevation delegation management.

Wallix Trustelem

Identity-as-a-Service solutions including unique authentication features (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and access management

Wallix Bestsafe

Protect data and prevent against malwares by removing excessive privileges

Deploy Your Defense

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing security infrastructure (e.g. AD)
  • Centralize management of users and target systems
  • Create and enforce password policies for internal and external users
  • Set up authorization rules and conditions to automatically grant or deny access to critical systems

Monitor And Review

  • Receive automatic alerts when privileged sessions begin
  • Monitor sessions in real-time with WALLIX 4-Eyes
  • Audit sessions via full recording and metadata extraction

Terminate Malicious Attempts

  • Distinguish legitimate user sessions from suspicious activity
  • Detect unusual command lines or forbidden applications
  • Raise alarms or terminate sessions when malicious activity is detected